SUPERMANE is an exploration of photographs in motion; a way to utilise the video format to explore static scenes. In this editorial, I hope you can be immersed into the moving image, experiencing the depth and dimension. The slow movement allows for time to digest each scene which was meticulously storyboarded and conceptualised. This piece is also a collection of symbolic audiovisual contrast – the girls’ lifeless expression is juxtaposed against the vibrant, colourful set, but goes hand-in-hand with the deadpan, robotic vocals. Dreamy, glowing visuals clash with the sharp electronic beat. Conceptually, this work was heavily inspired by strong femininity, the aesthetic of the 70s and 80s, and the feeling of simultaneous beauty and power.

Directed, filmed and edited by: Lunar Sequence
Featuring: Chanel Loren, Gianna Hayes (Hazey) and Violet Aarti
Styling: Gemma Brookes
Makeup: Polina Patrusheva
Set design: Gianna Hayes (Hazey)
Music by Star Slinger